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"A la Playa" Pattern - Woman & Kid - ENGLISH Version

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Discover our new summer dress pattern for women and girls, very easy and quick to sew ! "A la Playa" & "Miss A la Playa"! ;-)

Several versions are available for the Woman model : short dress, long dress or top, with a rounded or V neckline.
(The Kid model only offers the short dress version with either the rounded neckline or the V neckline).

Women's sizes : from (EU) 34 to 56 / (UK) 6 to 28
Child sizes : from 3 to 14 years old

Color PDF pattern downloadable online.
Once your pattern has been ordered, you will immediately receive an email to download it.
Several formats are included when you purchase the pattern:
- A4 format to print the pattern at home
- A0 format: to be printed by a professional
- special US Letter format

NEW : you can now choose the size(s) to print !
More info on the booklet.


Difficulty level 1/4: "Easy-Peasy"
The "A la Playa" Pattern is quick and easy to sew!
The V-neckline can be a bit tricky if you're a beginner but nothing overwhelming! ;-)


Main fabric : Lace, cotton gauze, viscose, honeycomb ...
Light, airy, or even slightly transparent fabrics are perfect for this dress!

FABRIC YARDAGE (woman version):
150 cm x 140 cm (width) for the Top version
200 cm x 140 cm (width) for the short dress version
270 cm x 140 cm (width) for the Maxi Dress

FABRIC YARDAGE (child version):
Size 3-5 years: 125 cm x 140 cm (width)
Size 6-8 years: 135 cm x 140 cm (width)
Size 9-10 years: 145 cm x 140 cm (width)
Size 11-12 years: 155 cm x 140 cm (width)
Size 14 years: 165 cm x 140 cm (width)

Bias : 190 cm for the neckline & to cover the cord of the belt; 5 to 7 m if you put a bias all around the dress
Cord : 100 cm
Pompoms : 2
Seam allowances are included in the pattern.


    What Our Testers said about " A la Playa" :

    • "A La Playa is the perfect piece for a summer holiday at the beach. A quick
      and simple sew, I was able to put it together in just a few hours. I made
      mine in a vivid digital printed viscose, deciding to stitch the bias binding to
      the inside of the neckline rather than having it visible and adding some
      orange tassels for fun! I also added a few inches to the length of the dress
      to make it floor length on me. The simple shape works perfectly for bold
      prints and flowy fabric to keep cool in the heat, I think it would also be
      stunning in a sheer fabric with a bikini underneath" - Kali 
    • "I love this cover up! It can easily be made into a dressy top
      with the right fabric. It’s easy to follow and easy to customize.
      You don’t have to do a bias seam finish if you don’t want to.
      Great for all sorts of lightweight fabrics, I’m really planning a second :)" - Melissa
    • "The A la playa pattern is a fun and original pattern to sew! The tutorial is
      very clear and easy, but hemming the 7 meter circumference takes time.
      A tip is using a rolled hem, which is a lot faster. " - Sylvia
    • "I love this dress! Its fluidity and timelessness. I find the cut very pretty, the loose and vaporous side gives a light and bohemian spirit! It makes you want to try other versions!" - Justine
    • “The essential little beach dress for summer: easy and quick to sew, comfortable, it immediately takes effect!” - Sarah
    • "A must have for the summer. For beginners there are no more excuses not to get into sewing; here is a trendy and very easy to sew sewing set! "- Juliana
    • "This pattern is perfect for summer: quick to sew and a must have for looking stylish right on the beach!" - Maureen
    • "À LA PLAYA, easy to wear and quick to sew for a super stylish look, has become a must have for my beach bag" - Agnès
    • "Rarely has a pattern worn her name so well, this is the indispensable little beach dress, bohemian as we like! It will be perfect with a swimsuit this summer" - Caroline
    • "One big piece cut to the pleat, two drawstrings and a looooooong hem and it's in the pocket! I made the long version to hide the legs from the sun!" - Blandine
    • "The perfect dress to go to the beach and all day long on vacation. Quick to sew and without difficulty, it is perfect to accompany Saint-Malo and Capri swimsuits! Or else!" - Segolene


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