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"Wonderwoman" Pattern - ENGLISH Version

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Discover the "Wonderwoman" pattern with several versions available ! As a top or as a dress, with or without a cape, with a sexy or wise neckline...

"Wonderwoman" is perfect to wear for all occasions ! 


(EU) Size : from 34 to 56 / (UK) from 6 to 28

Color PDF pattern downloadable online.
Once your pattern has been ordered, you will immediately receive an email to download it.

Several formats are included when you purchase the pattern:
- A4 format to print the pattern at home
- A0 format : to be printed by a professional printer
- special US Letter format 

NEW : You can choose the size(s) to print ! 


Difficulty level : between 1 and 2/4
Wonderwoman is an easy to sew pattern, accessible to beginners if you choose the closed back version. 
The booklet provides detailed explanations for each step.


Recommended fabric : crepe, cotton, double gauze, viscose...
You can also play with materials by mixing the fabric, for example crepe for the body of the garment with satin for the cape!

YARDAGE NEEDED : see the picture below 

      Seam allowances are included in the pattern.


      Thanks to our amazing Testers ! 

      Sarah @todotoutdoux ; Agnès @les_histoires_d_a_


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      Happy sewing !!

      NB : as our company is based in Asia, your bank may charge you a few cents more than the pattern's price if you choose the payment by credit card. We apologize for these transaction fees, but unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. On the other hand, be aware that payment via Paypal avoids any additional costs ...
      Do not hesitate to contact me (contact@chutcharlotte.com) for any questions! Thank you again for your trust and good sewing !